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The Saturday Summary is when we share some of our favourite blog posts from the week with you, hopefully you find a new favourite blog from these!


First up is a post by SJP who also blogs for Oxfam. She’s talking about why you should head to the Oxfam festival pop up shops – find a new look for less!





Alice at Frolicking Foodie has started blogging again and she’s working on a challenge to cook every recipe from “The 1000 Calorie Counted Recipes” book. Her latest post – a butterless butter chicken – looks amazing!





Over on Miss Budget Beauty, Miss BB is talking about lots of make up storage from – can you believe it – Ikea! Tomorrow might just have to involve a trip to the big blue box!





We’re in love with Christina’s daisy nail art, along with the pretty matching jewellery! Nail art is a good way to spend a lazy afternoon!





Rach from RachAriel talks about her latest bikini haul – love the spotty frilly one from H&M!





Callie Rose talks about a brush wrap she bought from another blogger (Tea Party Beauty) – it’s so cute, and so useful for when you go on your holiday!





We’re totally in love with Katie’s popcorn cart – wouldn’t this be perfect to have at a sleepover? (Obviously while watching Mean Girls – the ultimate sleepover movie!)





Christina from A Sense Sublime used to have a (pretty awesome) fashion blog, but then decided to relaunch to talk about art, as she is training as an art teacher. In her latest post, she talks about a show that she saw recently and loved. (She’s also just started writing posts for the Metro, how exciting!)





Finally, Becky May from the Flower Girl wears a beautiful dress from Japan in her latest outfit post. We love her posts, especially since she is usually modelling something from her adorable boutique in Bath!




What have you been loving this week? Share your favourite posts here!

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