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  1. Hello Sarah,

    Jetpack is a good for beginners who are just getting started with WordPress. However, if you are experienced with the WordPress, you will find that individual plugins work better than the large Jetpack collection. Moreover, it uses too much server resources. Using this plugin to add just a widget, might not be an good idea.

    For email subscriptions you’ll want to use a specific email marketing solution like Aweber or Mailchimp.

    1. Hi, you’re right – if you’re just using Jetpack for one of the services they offer then you’re probably better off using another, dedicated plugin. However, as Jetpack offers a wide range of services (not least dashboard stats, every blogger’s dream ;) ) we recommend it as a useful plugin because we know most people will get more use out of it than just one or two services :)

      Mailchimp is great but it isn’t for blog subscriptions (it won’t push your content out as nicely as WordPress does), it’s for mailing lists. We find that most of our readers are new bloggers, so we try and offer the simplest options for the maximum return! :)

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