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So it’s not particularly blog related, but here on Bonjour, Blogger!, we like to cover technology that could be quite useful for bloggers – here’s an app which could be used as a different way for readers and other bloggers to talk to you!


We’re talking about Telegram, a messaging app similar to WhatsApp. However, it’s different because it’s cloud based and encrypted. Being cloud based means that you’re not restricted to using it on one device – you can access your messages on your phone, tablet and even in a browser. This makes it really useful if you need to check your messages but can’t find your phone for example!


You can set it up so you can talk to other Telegram users in your phone book, or choose a username so anyone can talk to you (without seeing your phone number). It also supports emoji use – useful if you’re the sort of texter who can communicate only in emoji!

Telegram has an API available so anyone can create apps for their chosen platform – there’s something available so you can use it on almost any device! Head to to download the app for your chosen device.

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