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Katie has been sewing up a storm lately – her latest piece is this utterly gorgeous kitty print dress. So cute! I really want to learn how to sew my own clothes, so bloggers posting up recent makes is very motivational! :) Anyone got any super awesome resources for me to follow?

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Amy has been back in the kitchen, and whipped up some chocolate and Malibu pancakes for pancake day this week. I’m imagining that these taste sort of like a Bounty?! Which, obviously, would be totally delicious in pancake form. (Or any form…)

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Kate from minieco makes the best papercraft projects – they’re always bright and cheerful and not too hard to recreate at home :) I’m loving this “You’re a Gem” pop-up  card idea – Kate’s suggested using it for Mother’s Day but I might make some just to send to my friends! :)

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Bee & Nick have been on an epic travel journey for the past 5 months (phew!) I adore their travel blog, Twenty Something Burnouts, and this post on Belize really caught my eye – it looks so beautiful! Definitely one to add to the travel list :)

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Allie at Be Up & Doing has acquired some new studio space for her company, The Wonderjam (I’m digging the name!). I love seeing in progress DIYs, especially since we’re renovating! :)

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Bright Bazaar is a new blog to me, but is quickly becoming a favourite – I love Will‘s sense of style and how well put together his blog is. This post on his favourite pieces from the Nordic Design Collective really stood out – loving that Helvetica print of course ;)

and a few choices from Hayley…

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Sarah shared a recipe for pavolva this week on essbeevee – don’t let the fruit fool you, this is such a delicious desert. One to keep in mind for the summer!

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Finally, although she hasn’t mentioned it herself here, I wanted to tell you guys about what Sarah is doing in a few months. She’s going to be shaving her hair off to raise money for three cancer charities – check out her post on her personal blog, Falling Forward to find out more details (and please do donate!)

This week on Bonjour, Blogger!, you may have missed… a few tips on organising your own blogger meetup learning about what Intellitxt is (and how to opt out!) links to some more blog design shops (useful if you fancy a new look this season!)discussing whether bloggers should be considering their audience when accepting sponsored links for potentially damaging industries (the comments are as important to read as the post itself!) … looking at what the Getty Images announcement means to bloggers

Finally, I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at Blognix in Birmingham this June – make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to find out more information about when tickets are released!

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