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Starting off this weeks Saturday Summary with a thought provoking post, the wonderful El at A Thrifty Mrs asks the question “Are we the now generation?”. We’re the generation that’s so used to everything just happening instantly – you don’t need to wait and maybe that’s not a good thing all the time. What do you think? Go join in the debate in her comments


daisy butter

It’s London Fashion Week at the moment, and Michelle has been going for a few seasons. In her latest post, she talks about what the essentials are – don’t forget to follow her blog for updates on the latest shows!




from roses

If you’re in a long term relationship, you’ll recognise this far too well – once the other half has disappeared for a few days, out come the unpretty but insanely comfortable pi’s and on go the face masks. Rebecca blogged about what she gets up to on those not-so-lonely nights




Is there a blogger out there that doesn’t love Clueless? As if! Emma shows off Clueless inspired outfit over on her blog – still waiting for that outfit choosing app though!




shiny thoughts

Every post on Lucy’s blog, Shiny Thoughts is always full of bright colours, and her latest post about her trip to Stockholm is no different! Love love love the pink bag that perfectly matches the bike in the first photo!




take courage

While we’re getting ready for winter, don’t forget to make a super snuggly bed for your pets as well – Cat over on Take Courage made the most adorable bed for her kitty from a vintage case – brilliant!





Estée from EssieButton takes us with her on a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market – sounds like the perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday morning!





mission style

Most people would think that travelling for a few hours to surprise a friend was quite a bit of effort, so you must check out Karen over on Mission Style’s post about how she surprised her best friend Andrea in Australia – you’ve got to watch the video of Andrea’s reaction!




Finally, while Amy’s on holiday, she’s got some awesome people posting for her over on She Cooks, She Eats. This week, Alison has posted a few recipes including this one about cooking by eye – Alison creates recipes for a living, but at home, often doesn’t follow a recipe! Her post explains how to judge what you need – an interesting way to cook!


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