Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Hashtags

Bonjour, Blogger! Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Hashtags
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The first hashtag on Twitter was used in 2007 by Chris Messina. He was suggesting a way to group messages together on a specific topic.

Hashtags are now one of the basic parts of Twitter that we all use (especially in the hashtag chats!), probably without thinking, but if you’re new to Twitter, you might not know how they work!

Hashtags can be created by anyone – just stick a hash sign (#) before your chosen tag. The best hashtags are short and sweet so they can fit in a tweet easily with the rest of the content, and hashtags can’t start with a number, can’t be made up of only numbers and can’t include a space or any special characters. But other than that, it’s up to you!

To search for hashtags, go to search.twitter.com and type it in – or just tap on a hashtag when you see it in a tweet!

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