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  1. I love RewardStyle but I would just add that it takes a while to get paid from it. Also might be worth noting that your comissions may go up and then down if people buy and return stuff!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your article. I have a fashion blog in France called and I am using Reward Style for now 8 months. I’ve generated more than 6000€ and I’ve been paid 150€ !!! Every time I am writting and email they are not answering my questions !!
    I really do not recommend it

  3. Hi! thank you for the post.
    I use Rewasrd Style program on my blog, but people mostly juct clicking on the clothes items , so I mostly prefer ShopSense that pays for clicking

  4. Hi Can you let me know how to use the rewardstyle?
    Since I already applied and approved, they assigned a girl to assist me to use it, but the girl never get back to me…
    Now I am waiting almost 2 month…
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi,
      We’re an independent blogging guide so can’t help you with any specific rewardStyle queries – you’ll have to get in touch with your consultant!

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