2nd Year Anniversary

Bonjour, Blogger! 2nd Year Anniversary
This post was published 5 years ago. Some things may have changed since then - use the search function to see if anything has been posted since then, or reach out to us on Twitter if you'd like to see a more updated post!

hgc_polaHey everyone!

It’s not often that I actually show my actual face around here or talk in the first person (so this seems very strange) but I thought it was about time I said hi and introduced myself to you if you don’t already know who I am!

Two years ago, I launched Bonjour, Blogger! because I had so many thoughts about blogging that I needed to put them somewhere that was centralised and could be UK specific. I wanted to keep this separate from my own blog because it didn’t feel relevant to the content I was posting over there. Things have certainly changed in those two years, but I hope that you still think of Bonjour, Blogger! as the first place to go when you need any blog advice and inspiration.

Moving forwards, I am always interested to hear what you think and want to see – feel free to tweet, e-mail or leave a comment on this post.

A special thank you must be said to the people who contribute to Bonjour, Blogger! – especially Sarah, who has been a major part of the site, and who writes the popular WordPress Wednesday series, and Sophie, who created #blogclub with me and who is always there to bounce things off!

Thank you so much for reading Bonjour, Blogger!, whether you just subscribed this week, or you’ve been reading for as long as long as I’ve been pestering you with links and tweets ;)Love,


Hayley x

  • SJ

    Happy belated 2nd anniversary Hayley and BB! This site is a brilliant resource (I’m loving the WordPress Wednesday feature) and I can’t wait to see what the next two years hold you you. x

    May 19, 2015 at 12:17 am Reply

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