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One of the things we discussed at the last #blogclub (psst…check your email if you subscribed to the newsletter!) was that many bloggers seem reluctant to link out to other blogs.

First – well, it’s just silly not to link. The whole point of blogging is the community that you end up a part of and that we’re all a member of – by linking to others, you’re helping to build that community up, and persuade others to start their own blog.

Second – they might reciprocate the link. Yay! (Of course, it’s not something to expect, but it’s very nice when people do mention you linking to them) Other bloggers might then link back to you, and it will just grow.

Others may link to your post – especially if it’s something like our Saturday Summary posts – because they like the idea of the post. You could do posts specifically rounding up links on a specific topic – perhaps your favourite beauty vloggers, or your favourite baking bloggers? Those posts will not just be bookmarked by others for future reference, but passed on to others when they’re asking about blogs to follow!

If you’ve ever written a sponsored post for a company on your blog, then you may have been asked to include external links in there. It’s an old SEO trick to make the post look more natural to Google, and to potentially improve the search ranking.

This week, try to do a blog post featuring five of your favourite blogs. Try to choose ones that aren’t already known to most of your readers and talk about why they’re so awesome. Spread a little bloggy love!

  • Caitlin

    I really like this post, I always link to other blogs and interesting articles I have read because it means other people will be able to find them!

    January 29, 2014 at 4:15 pm Reply

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