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TheShelf describes itself as “a site to help bloggers connect with brands that want to collaborate”. They have a database of over 200,000 bloggers listed, over lots of different genres.

It allows brands to search for bloggers with very specific requirements, like locations, followers, activity (how recently their blog has been posted to) and even things like whether the blogger posts about certain price range items (because it’s pointless asking a blogger who focuses on drug store price ranges to talk about luxury items)

The sign up for TheShelf was easy, but responses were slow. It took a few days for TheShelf to acknowledge there was a badge on the site (not quite the 24 hours mentioned), then when you signed in for the first time, you get a screen that tells you your profile will be ready in a few days.

While we’d love to tell you more about how TheShelf works, we can’t! We had an email telling us our profile was ready, but if you clicked through to the link, it just went back to the “Your profile will be ready in a few days”. We still wanted to include the site on our blogger networks list, but don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything from this one!


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