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After posting about the different ways that you can put adverts on your blog, we thought that we would like to put some ads on here – we’d love to share a little space with you guys that you can get your blog seen!

lilac purpleWe have two different sizes of ads available to suit your budget – we’ve called them the purple and the lilac. The purple ad spot is our big one (260 x 100 px) – we’ve got three of these available each month and costs just $15 (approx £10) for 30 days up on the site. The lilac is a little smaller (130 x 100 px) and we have four of these at a time available for $7 (about £5, bargain!)

Your advert will appear in our sidebar on a rotating basis and we’ll also be tweeting about you at least once a week. We’ll also be mentioning our lovely sponsors in the first Saturday Summary of the month.

If you’re interested in placing an ad with us, head over to our”>advertising page and sign up quick!

Update: 1st Sept 2013 – Since PassionfruitAds has now moved to a subscription based model, we have decided not to offer ad space at the moment while we look into alternative ways of advertising. If you are still interested, please contact us to discuss more!

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