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Planoly is an Instagram planning app which makes planning your Instagram posts so simple. It’s not an auto posting app, so don’t worry about the Instagram rules that say you can’t do that!

When the photo is scheduled to post, a pop up will appear on your phone – open the app and it will save the photo to your photo reel and copy the caption. The app will then ask you to copy the image over to Instagram, and all you need to do is paste the caption and post!

The site also allows you to respond to comments directly from there – for free users, this appears to be for the last 15 posts only, but if you’re posting daily, then those are probably the comments you will want to respond to most!

The feature that we really love though is the hashtag manager – if you were paying attention to last weeks post about hashtags on Instagram, you’ll know that it’s a good idea to vary the groups of hashtags that you use on images. The hashtag manager will allow you to create groups of hashtags, so if you were posting a photo of a car for example, you could have a group set up with hashtags relating to cars.

Planoly is free to use with one Instagram account, with 30 photo posts a month. That’s probably sufficient for the casual blogger but there are paid options if you want to be able to upload as many photos or videos as you want.
If you do sign up, we’d appriciate it if you used the following link – – we will earn $10 in credit to use on plans for each person who signs up to a paid plan.

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