The Ultimate Blog Checklist

Bonjour, Blogger! The Ultimate Blog Checklist
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Once you’ve published your blog post, it’s tempting to kick back and breathe easy. You’ve done the hard work, now what? Well, now is the time to think about promoting that blog post and making it more easy to find, so you can attract lots of lovely new readers.

It can be difficult to remember all the things that are good to do to build your following so we’ve put together this little checklist to help! You don’t need to do every single one of these things when you post a new post (that would be a little unmanageable!) but aiming to do one from each section (besides the New Blog Post section) will help to build up your audiences.

New Blog Post

  • Make sure post has relevant categories and tags to help readers
  • If you’re on WordPress, and use an SEO plugin, then make sure all fields are completed
  • Set up automatic posting for Twitter and Facebook if your blog doesn’t already do it. If it does, make sure your message that goes out is interesting, not just the title of your post!


  • Schedule tweet to go out about new post if your blogging platform doesn’t do this automatically
  • Schedule another tweet to go out about 6-12 hours later (if your post goes live at lunchtime, then schedule for around 7pm, to catch the evening crowd)
  • Follow any interesting new followers, and say hello!


  • Post new blog post to a blogger Facebook group
  • Pose a question to your followers
  • Join in a discussion in a blogger group


  • Post new blog post – you may want to have one main board for all of your blog posts
  • Repin 5 pins from others


  • Post todays post (try to use an image from the post rather than a screenshot)
  • Comment on 3 photos
  • Follow 3 people


  • Share your new blog posts
  • Share an old post
  • +1 5 other bloggers posts



  • Update any plugins
  • Reply to all emails
  • Reply to any messages on other accounts (DM’s on Twitter and Instagram, Inbox on Facebook, etc.)

What do you make sure you do after writing a blog post?

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