How To Delete The Background In Images

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Sometimes, you’ll be creating a blog post and you want to use a photo, but the only decent photo available has a background to it, and you want a plain white background to match the other posts. Or maybe you’re doing a collage post and need a clear background to mix it in better with the other images. You could spend ages in your favourite photo editor carefully editing out the background, but why bother when there are things like Background Burner out there that will do it easily for you? backgroundburner-a First, find the image that you want to remove the background. For this example, we found this awesome notepad on Etsy♦ which would be so useful for planning blog posts! backgroundburner-1 Drop your image onto the page, or choose the file and you’ll see a dragon burninating away the background for you backgroundburner-2 You’ll be shown a few different versions of the image with the background removed – don’t worry if it’s not quite perfect because you can use the touch up section to edit it a bit more backgroundburner-3 In this section, you can choose which parts of the image are removed and which are kept – just highlight the bits you want with the green marker, and the bits you want to get rid of in red. backgroundburner-5 Once you’re happy with the image, then you can download either a JPG with a white background, or a PNG file with a transparent one. backgroundburner-4 backgroundburner-6 It might not be perfect, but it’s really useful to quickly get rid of most of the background, and if you need to, it’s easier to edit the file in your favourite program because most of the work has been done for you. If you use something else, please share the links in the comments!

  • Emily Jayne

    This is really handy – thanks! (and I totally wish a dragon could do all of my image editing for me.)

    July 12, 2014 at 5:42 pm Reply

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