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No matter how many times people say they blog for themselves, it’s always nice to know that there are others out there, reading the words you wrote, and even subscribing to make sure they never miss a post.

It can be difficult to show people how much you appreciate them just being there, so here are a few ideas to spread some love around on a cold January morning!

Visit Their Blog

Many of your readers will probably also be bloggers, so head over to their site and check out what to see what they’re talking about. Subscribing to their sites is also a nice way to show you like what they’re doing!


Think how much you love getting comments. (Because lets face it, if you didn’t want comments, you’d turn them off) The same will go for your readers who also blog – they want comments too! Leave a little note on one of their posts that you enjoyed! It’s also a nice thing to reply to comments – there’s nothing more frustrating as a reader when a blogger doesn’t respond to a comment you’ve left that asks a question.

Link Love

If you really love some of the blogs that your commenters write, then why not put together a post about them, or tweet out some links (perhaps with a hashtag like #bloglove?)

A Good Old Fashioned Thank You Letter

When people comment, they might leave their email, and if they comment a lot, then it might be nice to send them a little email to thank them for supporting you. After all, comments on blog posts are a good way for brands to see that you have an active, engaged audience and this could potentially help you gain more opportunities in the future.

  • Anita Sookan

    That’s so true!! I am always happy about getting honest comments – especially when they are criticizing because it shows that the commentator took time to think about my blog post and it challanges me.
    On the other hand I really don’t appreciate when one just writes “follow me” or “check out my blog” – not cool at all!!

    February 2, 2015 at 2:17 pm Reply

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