How To Write A Cover Letter

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Write A Cover Letter
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We covered Type the Hype recently in our blogger network series and one of the things that we liked about their approach to getting bloggers to working with brands is how they require that the blogger writes a cover letter to say why they want to work with the brand.

It’s a good idea – it means the blogger is going to be thinking more about whether they want to work with a specific brand (which means that they’re more likely to write a more interesting blog post) and it means the brand can make more of an informed decision whether they want to work with a blogger before sending out any products.

We’ve looked at other blogger network sites that create a sort of blogger CV, but this is the next step – don’t be surprised if more networks decide to go along the same sort of route! With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at what was needed in a cover letter – you’ve probably written them before to apply for jobs and internships, so it’s essentially the same ideas, just with a bit more of a focus on your blog.

Cover letters don’t have to be huge – in fact, you don’t want them to be massive, because that could put the reader off! A cover letter should be brief, concise and answer any questions required. In terms of blogger collaborations, you should be answering any questions the brand requires – e.g. Why do you want to work with us? How is your audience relevant to our brand?

You should also talk about what you have to offer – what kind of post would you be able to do, can you offer anything unique to the brand? You could include links to other blog posts, vlogs and social media posts as well here to show off what you’ve done before for other brands. It will give them a really good idea of what makes your blog special!

Make sure to save a copy of your cover letters somewhere as well for future reference – not just in terms of what you promised to offer, but also to give you ideas for future cover letters! Try not to just copy and paste the cover letter though – as when applying for jobs, it’s really obvious to the reader that the writer isn’t really that bothered about the specifics of that position being applied for, and you’ll be overlooked in favour of someone who has really made an effort! Make sure to proof read it as well before clicking send – having spelling and grammar mistakes in a cover letter isn’t a great look when you’re applying to write about something!

What tips do you have for writing cover letters? What would get you noticed?

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