Blogmas 2016 Post and Instagram Ideas

Bonjour, Blogger! Blogmas 2016 Post and Instagram Ideas
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Many bloggers and vloggers challenge themselves to post every day as part of Blogmas, so we’ve put together a list of ideas for you to do if you’re taking part. You can do all of them, or just pick and mix – it’s up to you!

1 Shopping local – five local retailers that you love
2 Secret Santa ideas
3 Share a favourite festive recipe
4 Christmas markets – love them or hate them?
5 Top 5 Christmas ads (of all time, not just this year!)
6 Favourite Christmas present as a kid
7 Five Festive Jumpers
8 Charity and Volunteering at Christmas – how to help others
9 Favourite festive foods – drinks from Starbucks, sandwiches from Pret, what do you get excited for this time of year?
10 Favourite picks from the Lush Christmas range
11 Favourite Christmas movie – top 5 if you can’t narrow it down!
12 How do you decorate?
13 What are you asking Santa for?
14 Favourite Christmas memories
15 How to reduce stress relating to Christmas
16 Stocking filler gift ideas
17 Favourite (terrible!) Christmas cracker jokes
18 Traditions – your favourite old ones, and new ones you’d like to start!
19 Christmas playlist
20 Last minute gift ideas
21 Five favourite bloggers – share some love!
22 What does Christmas mean to you?
23 What are you going to wear on Christmas Day?
24 What are you looking forward to about the Christmas holiday?
25 Your Christmas Day!

We also put together a list of ideas for Instagram pictures, again it’s up to you whether you do every day or just the ones that are relevant for you. Some are a little vague on purpose, because we’d love to see how you interpret this! If you do take part in these, please use the hashtag #blogclubchristmas because we love seeing what you get up to!

1 A letter to Santa
2 Advent calendar
3 Red Cups (or a festive cup from your favourite coffee shop) and what goes in it
4 Christmas Cards
5 Favourite Christmas picture from your childhood
6 What are you wearing for the Christmas party.
7 Favourite tradition
8 Wrapped presents – do you go for a theme with your wrapping?
9 Christmas Sandwiches – probably the best part of a sad desk lunch in December
10 Favourite Christmas decoration
11 Red and Green should always be seen!
12 Glitter and Sparkle – what’s the most sparkly thing in your wardrobe?
13 Candy canes
14 Fairy lights
15 Sweet things
16 Favourite Christmas PJ’s
17 Christmas tree
18 Favourite Christmas movie
19 Are you starting a new tradition this year?
20 Elf
21 What goes on top of your tree?
22 Christmas jumper
23 Cozying up
24 Christmas Eve traditions – do you leave a mince pie out for Santa?
25 A photo of your Christmas morning

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