How To Hold A Great Blog Hop

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Hold A Great Blog Hop
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Whether you hold them or just take part, blog hops (or linkups or linkys…there are lots of different names!) are a great way to not just bring traffic to your own blog but for you to also find interesting new blogs.

Choose a topic

Whether it’s a Silent Sunday or a themed outfit post, having a topic makes it more interesting for others to join in as well as being easier for them to be able to answer the question. Having something that everyone can answer means more people will be able to join in!

Use an easy to use link up widget

You’ll want a widget that will be easy for everyone to embed into their post as well as easy for them to leave their links. There’s no use in having a fancy widget if it’s too complex to use!

Be consistent

If you’re going to start a series for other people to join, then having a few set up in your queue will mean that it’s easy for you to do for a few months, gives you some time for others and

Promote tons!

Of course this is important to get people involved! You could even make it part of the task of joining in the blog hop that participants tweet out a link to your hop – at the very least, they should include a link to your post about it

Make sure to look out this Sunday when we’ll be launching a new link up – we’ll be asking you a question for you to answer in a blog post on your blog and then you’ll be able to link up with others!

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