3 New Twitter Features You Might Not Notice

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Last year, we wrote about why you couldn’t send certain links in DM’s. Happily, Twitter have now removed this restriction so you can tweet links to your friends again. Useful when you need to share a link but don’t want to make it publicly available!

Slightly related to that, Twitter have also introduced a feature where you can send a tweet to someone via DM just by holding on the tweet in the official Twitter app. It just makes sharing a tweet a little easier and means the other person doesn’t receive a notification (check out our post on donotlink.com for more info about how to tweet a link to a tweet and for it not to show up in the other persons mentions)

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Another feature we love that was announced this week was that Twitter’s search function will now bring back all public tweets since the site started in 2006. It’s so frustrating when you’re trying to find that tweet from last year from someone that told you about a wonder beauty product, but using the advanced search feature, you can narrow things down if needed.


We’re looking forward to the new DM features hinted at in this blog post from Twitter – we’d love to see the ability to have a private conversation with a few people, hint hint!

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