How Often Should I Blog?

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Google “How Often Should I Blog” and you’ll get 500 million results. Everyone’s got an opinion on it, and there’s no one right answer. (Sorry)

The “right” amount of times to blog is what fits in with your schedule. What’s important to remember is that it’s better to under promise and over deliver, rather than the other way round. By that, we mean it’s better to promise to post once a week, but then be able to post three times, rather than promise three times, and only post once.

Once you’re settled into a routine of posting, then if you can write more posts than you need – awesome! Schedule those babies up and it will help take the pressure off you in the future. But if you make a promise to yourself to post every day and then don’t, it can become even more difficult to post once you’ve missed a day, a week, two weeks.

People aren’t going to abandon your blog completely if you don’t post for a while but having a routine does mean that those people who just drop by on the days they know to expect a new blog post won’t be disappointed (If they subscribe through Bloglovin‘ or RSS, they might not bother to clear out the inactive subscriptions and it’s a nice surprise when you do post again, so it’s worth encouraging your reader to subscribe to your updates!)

Consider using an editorial calendar to plan ahead – this will help for any times when you’re struggling to think of something to blog about (find out how to create your own editorial calendar here!) Regular blog features are also useful, not just to help you keep posting, but also to keep people coming back to your site.

If something is coming up in your life (exams, busy period at work, family commitments, etc), then it might be worth writing a short little post to let people know, but don’t feel like you have to apologise for not posting! To cover those times, you could use something like Buffer to tweet old posts – this will make sure people are still visiting your blog, and will make it less obvious that you’re taking a bit of a break.

How often do you post? How do you keep coming up with new content for those times that you want to post but aren’t feeling so inspired?

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