Saturday Summary

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A Lady in London’s photos of afternoon tea at the Goring gave us serious hunger pangs – need that macaron (or three!)


We loved reading Amy Elizabeth’s tips on cooking from scratch. Sometimes, creating something yourself can be just as quick and easy as using a packet mix!


Who can resist photos of the thriftiest dog, Jarvis? He’s such a cutie!


Polly talks about vanity, and why it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. (We hope this is a sign that you’re back blogging, P!)


Elizabeth shared the recipe for some delicious looking chocolate brownies with Fair Trade ingredients.


SJ posted an outfit post where she talks about how outfits make her feel. The tree one sounds good ;)


Lil made some tequila soaked prawn tacos with mango corn salsa which got us drooling (can you tell this is being written on an empty stomach?)

Things you might have missed on Bonjour, Blogger! this week… how to keep your blog ticking over while you’re sunning yourself (or stuck inside with the revision notes!)learn how to back up your Blogger template, posts and comments (just in case!)… discuss how to bring back the fun into blogging – remembering why we all started our blogs!find out how to subscribe to the blog events calendar (it will also remind you about all the different hashtag chats!)

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