How To Sell Your Instagram Pics

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Sell Your Instagram Pics
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There are a few sites out there that allow you to sell your Instagram pics. The three that we’ll look at are Snapwire, Instaprints and Twenty20. gives users a challenge – the buyer will post a request like “blonde girl eating a hamburger”, and the users will enter their images into the challenge. The buyer will nominate their favourites (which increases the users rankings) and will pay out to the images that they want to use. The best photos can be selected to go into the Marketplace which means anyone can buy it. If your photo is chosen through a challenge or request, then you keep 70% of the price, and if it’s bought through the Marketplace or through your profile, you keep 50%.

Instaprints allows you to create a portfolio by importing your Instagram photos and then choose how much you want to make from each purchase – e.g. if the base price of a canvas print is $25, and you want to earn $25 from each item sold, the price of the canvas print is $50. The cool thing about Instaprints is that you can have your images on various items like tote bags, greetings cards and even duvet covers!

Finally, Twenty20 allows users to set up their own online gallery by uploading images through their website or with an iPhone app so you can pop them up as soon as you take them! Depending on the way that you sell your photos, you can earn up to 100% of the listed price!

Have you used a service like these to sell your photos?

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