How To Write Your “About Me” Page

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It’s possibly the most important part of your blog or social media profile that isn’t the actual content. You need to tell your reader who you are, and sound so interesting to them that they just can’t help but read the rest of your ramblings. The people most likely to read your “about me” page are either brand new to your blog (they may have landed on your site through a Google search, enjoyed what they read, and want to know more about who you are) or are people looking to work with you. It’s possible, of course, but unlikely that a regular reader is going to check out your “about me” unless you specifically told them to go read it.

First – you need to decide who you are writing to. Are you trying to get any work from your blog (so does your about me need to tend towards the professional but pimping yourself side) or are you just laying it all out there and telling your readers the important bits about you?

The opening part of your “about me”, in either case, should be a brief summation of what your blog or website is all about. How would you (or do you!) describe your blog to someone at a blogger event when they ask what you blog about?

So what’s so interesting about your blog anyway? Do you write for any other blogs? Have you received any awards or been nominated for anything like the Cosmo Blog Awards? Been in any newspapers or magazines? If an “about me” page is your blogging CV, this is the awards and achievements section.

Although you probably would already have a contact page, either including your email address on your about me, or linking to the contact page means you’re making it easier for PR people and brands to get hold of you. Always a good thing!

Finally, get a photograph of yourself (just you if possible) and put that at the top of the page. Your readers will want to know who is talking to them, especially if you don’t post outfit posts or makeup pictures all the time.

What makes an about me page stand out for you?

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