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Today, Zoey from Daisy Gin is sharing her favourite posts from the week…


Phoebe from North of London has posted about her amazing sounding experience at the Lush Spa in Leeds. I didn’t even know the Lush in Leeds had a spa and am now planning on booking a treatment or two for my birthday in June!


Carrying on the relaxing theme, Kate over on Gold Dust blogged about customised bath salts. You pick from Detox, Bathe and Soothe and then add in three essential oils. Get me to my bath asap!


Claire at Jazzpad has written a very honest post about how she feels the blogging community doesn’t feel as tight knit anymore. Aiming to break free from the accepting guest posts about anything. The comments are also an interesting read.


The beautiful Charlotte has started a new blog, Bitchin’ Wardrobe. She is about to embark on a no clothes buying challenge for 6 months. Good luck my perfect eyebrows friend.


One of my favourite food bloggers, Rachel Phipps, has blogged about 4 great wines under £10. Gone are the days I pick the cheapest wine per percentage but now pick a wine to actually enjoy.


Gwen from This Fashion is Mine has posted the most amazing orange eye makeup, it shouldn’t work but looks so good.

Thanks Zoey! If anyone else would be interested in sharing their favourite posts of the week, do get in touch!

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