How To Write Your “Contact Me” Page

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There are two pages that every blogger should have on their blog – an about me (which we talked about last week on what to include) and a contact page. You might be wondering what to include on there – well, here’s a handy list for you!

Obviously, you’ll want to include your email address – make it obvious so if someone is trying to email you, they don’t need to hunt around for it. If you’re worried about spam, write it and save it as an image.

You can also use a contact form which means people can email you directly – if you’re a Blogger user, you can find the Contact Form widget under the More Gadgets tab, users just need to add a new page and then click the “Add Contact Form” and if you’re a self hosted WordPress user, you’ll probably already have Jetpack (the plugin that gives you some of the same features that are built in to which has a contact form feature built in

If you have a lot of social media profiles, then you’ll probably have the main ones links in the sidebar (and if you’re wondering how to insert social media icons into your sidebar, check out this post!) but you might want to link everything else on your contact page – not just so other people can find you (always a good thing!) but so you can remember what you actually have out there! (Make sure you keep them updated or delete them – keeping an eye on your social media profiles is a good idea to make sure you don’t accidentally spam people)

Finally, you may want to include links to your review and disclosure policies (If you’re wondering what sort of thing to include on your disclosure policy, we’ve covered that previously as well!)

What do you include on your contact page?

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