How and Why You Should Be Sending Out Newsletters

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Newsletters. They’ve been around for years, but have really increased in popularity this year. You’ve probably heard that a newsletter is the most important thing to build to drive engagement to your blog, but it can be difficult to find unique content to keep people interested. Newsletters are great because they deliver your blog directly to people who are interested in it, without the risk of disappearing in a feed of other social media posts. Newsletters also feel quite personal, like you’re talking directly to your reader

You’ve probably already heard about MailChimp (it’s what we use for our newsletter!) but if you just want to write and not have to think about how to design your newsletter, then TinyLetter (which is actually a part of MailChimp!) is more for you. TinyLetter just lets you get on with it, so it’s the one we would recommend if you just want to send out a little note every so often.

TinyLetter has been around since 2010, but it’s only in the last year or so that people have been building theirs up, partly as bloggers have been moving away from blogging but still want to write. If you’ve been feeling uninspired to blog, then a newsletter is a great way to get back into writing and could reinspire you!

If you can’t think of content for a newsletter, then Mailchimp allows you to create regular emails from your RSS feed, which can send out your actual posts, or a digest of the posts from the last month etc. It’s super simple to set up, and Mailchimp has a ton of templates for you to use.

We’re not very good at remembering to send out newsletters, but if you’d like rare emails from us, sign up here!

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