When To Change The Name Of Your Blog

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Remember your first email account? Remember how you chose the most perfect, hilarious, adorable name ever? We’re willing to bet that you’re kinda embarrassed by that name now. Thankfully, your blog name is easy to change – but first, lets look at the things that you’ll want to think about before choosing the new name.

Keep It Basic

A really important thing about your blog name is that it needs to be fairly short and sweet – your URL at least should only be a few words. You’ll want it to be catchy but memorable and something that you might not consider until it’s too late is that your blog name needs to be easily pronounceable and easy to spell – you could end up missing out on visits otherwise!

Keep It Unique

Think about why you want to change the name of your blog – is it because you’ve grown out of the old name and you want to change the direction of your blog? Using a name that doesn’t specifically say what the blog is about will help to keep things fresh if you do decide to go a different route in the future.

Keep It Consistent

Your blog name is your brand name, so if you change your blog name, you’ll probably want to change your social media handles as well. One way around this is to just use your real name on your social media handles, but what about if you end up changing your name for any reason (like getting married?) It’s just something that you’ll need to weigh up and decide whats best for you. A really useful site to use if you do end up changing your social media names is NameChk to see where your chosen name is available.

Keep Talking About It

Finally, when you’ve made the big decision to change your name and you’ve updated all of your social media links, the most important thing to do is to write a new post to introduce your new blog name to your readers so they don’t get confused about who this new name is appearing in their feed! You’ll probably be itching to explain why you’ve made this big change, and your readers will find it interesting as well.

If you’re now itching to change the name of your blog, we’ve covered how to do that in Blogger and WordPress here and you’ll also want to get in contact with Bloglovin’ to tell them the new blog name so they can update your details.

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