How To Credit Images On Instagram

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Sometimes, you’ll want to share an image that someone else created. Sometimes someone will want to repost something you created. Make sure these points are followed and everyone benefits!

Ask if you can repost

Why? Because it’s just basic politeness. You would want someone to ask if they could use something you create. It also allows the creator to decline – some people don’t like anyone else posting their content or it may be that the reposting account promotes something the creator doesn’t want to be associated with – there are many reasons why people may decline usage of their creation and this should be respected

Use a reposting app and don’t tweak the image to fit your feed

Why? Screenshoting the image can create an image of lesser quality. There are many free reposting apps out there so try a few out to see what fits your workflow best. Tweaking an image without permission is also a no-no. Cropping, adding a filter, editing an image – these are all quite impolite things to do when the photographer has already taken and edited the photo in a way that they like.

Tag them in the caption.

Why? It makes it easy for other users to go and visit their profile and lets them know that you’re crediting them. It also means that when that post gets promoted on another form of social media (e.g. if you tweet any new Instagram pictures or share them to Facebook) that the credit for the image is correctly attributed and users on the other platforms will know who took the image as well.

Tag them in the image.

Why? If they are a larger account, they probably get tons of comments, likes and other notifications. Tagging them in the image is just another way to let them know you’re crediting them and it gives them the ability to filter out to just see your reposting so they can go over to your feed and check it out.

Credit the right person

Why? It’s possible that the person who you’re looking to repost from has taken the image from elsewhere and not credited properly. (Hopefully when you ask to repost it, they let you know that they took it from somewhere else and don’t just let you assume they created it!) We’ve written before that Pinterest is not a source (which we saw someone use on their IG just this morning!) and that post tells you more about how to track down the original creator of an image. If you can’t find the original creator, then don’t use the image – there are bound to be tons of more suitable images that you can use instead.

Crediting others for things they create helps to give them attention which helps the entire community. Is there anything else you would add to this list? (This post was inspired by conversations and IG Stories by Jess Siggers and Collective Sway – make sure to go and check them out!)

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