Stop Motion Studio – A GIF App For Your Phone!

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We’ve talked previously about how to create a gif on your computer for a blog post, but there are also apps available for it too!

Stop Motion Studio is an app that allows you to create stop motion videos either by taking the photos through the app or by importing the images you’ve already taken.

The app is fairly simple to use, but overlays telling you what everything does do appear in your first few uses of the app.


You can see on the example animation in the app how things work – you can edit this one




You can save your finished file as a video (you can upload directly to YouTube!) and you can save as a GIF if you want to.


You can get it from iTunes – and even better, it’s currently free! Grab it while you can – even if you don’t think it would be useful for your blog, it could be a great app for kids to play on in the holidays.

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