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Bonjour, Blogger! Keeping Motivated
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It can be so difficult to keep motivated to blog sometimes, but we’ve got a few suggestions that might help…

Blog for you

Ouch. That old cliché. But it’s true – the biggest demotivator for so many bloggers is that they’re expected to do things in a certain way. If you’re not doing something you really enjoy, then you’re less likely to care about doing it. Makes sense, right? Write about things you’re enthusiastic about, and it not only makes it easier to do, but it’s also more fun for others to read!

Look on the bright side

OK, so you’re feeling demotivated because your blog isn’t getting as many hits as you would like. But those visitors who are actually reading are leaving the nicest comments and share your posts – would you rather have 10,000 daily visits where no one interacts with you, or 1,000 visits where you’ve got a good amount of comments and interaction going on?

Appriciate the small things and look back

It’s looking on the bright side of things again. Reminding yourself of the little things you’ve achieved can help motivate you to build on them and work towards making them bigger. Looking back over those achievements can be useful too – look at what your favourite brand collaboration was, and then consider how to improve it in the future.

A change would do you good.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in your ways, then changing things up might reinspire you! Why not try taking your photos in a different style, or writing about something unusual, or even something as simple as changing where you write the post!

Tiny To-Do

To do lists are great, except when you write things down and they seem so daunting! Create a tiny to do list and break things out – so instead of “Write blog post”, break it down into the individual components – “write post” “create images” “schedule and tag” “set up social media posts”. It’s so satisfying to tick things off!

How do you keep motivated?

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