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Gleam♦ is an Australian app that allows you to embed a widget in your blog post to provide specific instructions for readers to enter your giveaways.

They have a free version which allows you to run unlimited competitions with unlimited entries, but there are some restrictions, of course, compared to the pro and business options.

Gleam♦ has more options available for free users than other sites, and although it can take a little while for the contest holder to get things set up, the options mean that entrants will find at least a few that suits them!


Entrants can log in with various different sites, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This makes it super easy for them to sign up and means they won’t need to remember yet another account!


Once you’ve set up your account, there are a few examples of competitions you could be running – we love the one where the entrant is asked some questions!

To set up a competition takes three steps: first, to set up the basics of your competition – when it starts and ends, any age restrictions, etc…


Next up is choosing the ways in which you want people to enter – as you can see, there are lots of options, and there are lots of different ways for each option available – such as retweeting a tweet, or tweeting with a hashtag. Unlike Rafflecopter, viral sharing (where you encourage others to take part) is a free option.


Finally, it’s time to tell readers about your prize!


We’ve covered Rafflecopter last year and Gleam♦ does a similar sort of thing. It’s going to be personal preference which you prefer though! Have you tried either app as a competition holder or as a entrant?

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