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Even the most confident writers will worry sometimes that they’re writing something incorrectly sometimes. You know when you look at a word so much and it starts to lose meaning and then you can’t remember if that’s actually how the word is meant to be spelt or used? Grammarly will help you out with that problem!

Grammarly is available as a plugin for Chrome or a standalone app in your browser. If you use Chrome, Grammarly will replace the spell check built in and enhance it by giving you not just the correct spellings, but the ability to double-click any word to get the meaning in a block of text. If you’re writing something (an email, a blog post – even a tweet!) then you can double click words and get suggestions for other words to replace it.

The plugin will also show you why a piece of writing may be grammatically incorrect. We love this feature as it helps you learn something, rather than just replacing it to make it correct.

You can upgrade to a premium account from less than $12 a month. The premium account gives you much more help than the basic free version like sentence structuring and any issues with writing styles.

Grammarly isn’t a substitute for grammatically correct writing, but it’s a great help for showing you where you may be going wrong.

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