How To Deal With An Unhappy Advertiser

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We’ve talked previously about how to attract advertisers over to your blog but what do you do when it all goes wrong? What if the advertiser is unhappy with your service?

The main thing that you need to do when the advertiser says they’re not happy is to think about why they’re annoyed. What has caused that, and how could you have prevented it? This will be useful for you to avoid doing it again with future clients. Even if it is something that the advertiser has done, then by finding a solution to fix it quickly, it will look good to the advertiser (making them hopefully want to advertise with you again) and to potential advertisers (knowing that if there is a problem, you’ll deal with it quickly.) Perhaps it’s something you’ve done – when placing ads on other sites, we’ve seen lots of silly mistakes, from not delivering what was promised to not even having the advertising code on the site!

If it is something that the advertiser has misunderstood, then (politely!) point them towards any policy that you have as a gentle reminder. If you don’t have anything in writing that would be useful, then now’s the time to get that done. Perhaps it won’t be of much use for this problem, but at least you’ll have it ready and waiting in case of anything similar in the future. (You could include it on the same page as your comment policy, if you’re wary of having too many pages of policies on your site)

If possible, offer the advertiser something extra to encourage them to stay with you. An extra weeks worth of advertising, or an upgrade, or perhaps some additional social media promotion doesn’t cost you very much to implement, but it’s a sign of goodwill to the advertiser which will help to placitate them.

Have you ever had problems with an advertiser? Share your tips on how you solved the problem!

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