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If you’re looking for an app to stitch together a few photos, or put them in a collage to post on Instagram (or wherever!), then Moldiv is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

It’s a free app with a paid upgrade function, but even the basic free version has so many more layouts for putting photos together than you will ever use! Below are all the free layouts available.


You can adjust the proportions of the frame if it doesn’t suit your image collection – it’s easy enough to adjust the sizing, spacing and proportions.


There is a new function as well which puts photos together like magazines. Here are a few of the free ones – not too amazing (especially as you can’t seem to edit the text in the app), but could give you an idea for a new way to put together your photos.





Here are the details of the upgrade – you can see the frame types that you’ll get if you download the app but they’re nothing really exciting and are available in other apps. Moldiv is worth having on your phone for a quick, easy and free way to put a few photos together without having any annoying watermarks on them. (The magazines have a small watermark on, but nothing that couldn’t be easily edited out.)moldiv-upgrade

Moldiv is available on Android and iPhone (all screenshots are from the iPhone version) – both apps are free for the basics shown here.

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