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Update March 2017: Adproval has now closed

We’ve heard of a few horror stories about Passionfruit Ads lately which is a shame, since they were (at the time of writing that post) one of the best ways of selling advertising space on your blog. While many bloggers are still using Passionfruit Ads, we thought it was worth looking for alternatives, so it was excellent timing when we discovered Adproval.


Adproval is an ad network that allows you to control the ad space and sponsorships that you accept while they deal with the payments, scheduling, display and coding part – all you need to do once you’ve set up the sizes of ads that you want is put the code where ever you want the ads to appear and that’s it!



It’s super easy to get signed up – if you’re going for the new Adproval, then once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive an email with a temporary password so you can log in to get yourself set up


You can offer more than just ads though – you can pretty much add anything else that you’re happy to do! Social media mentions, featured blog posts, reviews, giveaways…whatever you can think of!

In the new Adproval, there are separate sections for advertisers (if you have a business that you want to promote on other sites) and influencers (if you want to host ads, etc on your site).

Advertisers can create opportunities for influencers to apply for which you can see in the advertiser marketplace. If you have an Etsy shop, for example, you could put a opportunity up saying that you’re looking for people to do a blog post on your shop in return for a £20 credit to your shop. All advertiser items are free at the moment – Adproval do plan to introduce various tiers that would be more useful for larger companies, but will always have a free, introductory level for smaller Etsy type shops and blogs.

Influencers can create a media kit to use as part of their ad store that they embed into their blog. This gives your potential sponsors the ability to see the stats that you have before they commit to buying a spot in your sidebar (here’s an example of a media kit ad store). As an influencer, you can also manage your own ads – so if you’re choosing to switch over to Adproval while you still have some ads active on your site, you can carry those over. Influencers can also create promo codes so you can offer special discounts to encourage people to sign up, and they can be set to expire at a certain time, so you don’t have to remember to deactivate the code.

Once approved, you’ll need to set up your profile, set up a way to accept payments (to accept payments for ads on your blog, you’ll need to sign up with Stripe. Stripe is a well known company who help smaller companies accept payments from others.) and then you can set up the ad spaces that you’re offering. Once you’ve got everything set up in Adproval, you can embed the code into the relevant sections on your website.

There’s no set fee for ads, but Adproval take 10% of every transaction to cover processing fees. This was one of the things that people missed from Passionfruit Ads when they switched to the monthly subscription fee – if you didn’t sell any ads, you still had to pay. You can also do

The Adproval help pages are really useful and break everything down step by step, and if there’s anything that you’re still not sure on, the team is super friendly! We’ve seen quite a few websites that provide a service to buy and sell ads on your blog, but Adproval is one of the best ones we’ve seen. Helpful staff, a good dashboard, and it’s easy to use. We’ll be signing up soon, so keep an eye out for space in the sidebar for you to purchase!

To sign up for new Adproval, head over to the sign up page!

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