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  1. I’ve only just started blogging properly for myself, having done it for other people 5+ years. I’m yet to experience the green eyed monster when looking at other blogs, although it does give me something to aim for! I guess when you’re only a couple of days you can’t really turn round and think “Why don’t I have 40,000 followers like them?”. I’m quite prone to getting jealous though, so give it time, haha!

    I don’t see any harm in using blogs as inspiration, but I think it’s important you remain unique by remembering WHY you started blogging and WHO you are. If you start talking about something that you’ve seen on another blog, that doesn’t tie in with the why or who, then it’s going to put people off.

    I really enjoyed this post, so thanks a million!

    Bex x

  2. It’s exactly how I feel sometimes but what helps me to stay unique is to remind myself that my journey is unique and that I have my own process, shortcomings and challenges to go through. Which at the end of the day will leave me with richer experiences to share and hopefully inspire others instead of keeping the jealousy cycle forever.

  3. It’s hard not to compare isn’t it but I think once you head down that road you’re destined for doom (not a hint of hyperbole!) Everyone is unique and so is each and every blog, I guess we should all be celebrating our uniqueness and our bravery at sending our thoughts out into the universe rather than comparing ourselves to others.
    And yes, I’ll be singing about potato waffles for the rest of the day. Merci!
    M x

  4. Very wise words indeed. I am guilty of comparing myself to others all too often, not just when blogging but in general. It’s something I think we need to learn not to do because we’re all awesome as we are

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I started blogging very recently, almost on a whim, because my kids thought I should. It seemed easy enough in theory and they wanted me to share my stories. Oh my goodness it is not easy, and sometimes it isn’t fun either. Today my son said “Do you still enjoy this at all? Do you tell your funny stories anymore?” I realized that I am not monetized and I do this because I like to tell stories, and I like shoes, and I wanted a place where I could share both parts of me.

    But you are hitting the nail on the peg when you say we can easily get caught up with what other people posts. In some ways I think I never knew how inadequate I was until I started blogging. Of course that isn’t true, I am not inadequate, but sometimes I feel that way.

    So thank you for this reminder. I wonder if I am brave enough to do a post about our “real mornings.” I think I just may.

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