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You may have seen ads popping up on Facebook for Blogfoster who have recently entered the UK blogging market. They were founded in Berlin in 2013 to allow bloggers and social media influncers the ability to work with brands.

Blogfoster has its own method of getting statistics from your blog – if you’re a WordPress user, you can download a plugin which will send your details directly to Blogfoster, so they can provide exact figures to brands looking to work with you. They have worked with brands like Unilever, Amazon and ASOS in the past, and say “We are keen to repeat the success we had in Germany here in the UK. The UK blogging scene is more advanced than in Germany.”

The statistics that Blogfoster gathers will also allow you to see where readers are coming from, which other bloggers are sending people your way and what topics interest your readers – useful when planning what to blog about next!

When setting up your account, the site will ask you to choose three topics that you blog about and then allocate points to them to show what you talk about most – which is great for those of us who blog about a few  different topics (e.g. if you’re a lifestyle blogger who mostly talks about food, you can weigh your topics heavily towards food and drink)

After you’ve connected your relevant networks, you’ll see brands and advertisers sorted by topics so you can choose who to work with – any campaigns that you’re ineligble for will be unavailable to be selected which makes it easier to find the campaigns you can work on.


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