Instagram Introduces Archive Feature

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Ever feel like your grid is pretty good, except for that one picture? You could just delete it, but since it had some interesting comments on there, you might not want to.

Instagram have introduced a new feature called Archive, where you can hide away those photos that don’t fit your aesthetic but that you still want to keep around. To do this, go into the “…” menu on a photo, and there should be an option saying “Archive” at the top of the list. This will move it to your archive folder, which is shown as a clock with an anti clockwise circle arrow around it in the top left of your profile.

If you decide you want that picture back in your main timeline, go back to the “…” menu, and tap “Show On Profile”. This will put it back in your timeline in its original spot, and won’t tell anyone that you’ve been hiding and unhiding the picture.

This feature is being rolled out – we don’t have the function on our bonjourblogger account, which is set up as a business one, but do on a personal account. Have you seen this feature? How useful do you think this will be?

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