7 Places To Advertise Your New Blog Post

Bonjour, Blogger! 7 Places To Advertise Your New Blog Post
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So you’ve written your blog post and posted it…now what?


Twitter is probably the most obvious place to post about your new post – depending on what apps you have connected between your blog and Twitter, it may already auto post for you. There are also lots of easy ways to keep older posts tweeting, and you could obviously customise those auto-tweets to include hashtags so when people are searching them, they could see your post. (Here’s one way to keep auto posting older blog posts!)

Instagram and Instagram Stories

With the introduction of Instagram Stories, you’re less likely to see a screenshot of a blog post as a new Instagram post, but posting the screenshot as a Story post is quite a nice way to tell people you’ve got a new post up. Using one of the images from your post, or even an outtake would be a good Instagram post to promote your blog post!


Again, you may already have posts auto posting to your Facebook page, but you probably don’t see much response from that page. A good way to boost your reach is by sharing the post auto posted to the FB page notifying your followers of a new blog post, and if you’ve tried our little experiment yourself, you’ll know that liking a post on your FB page will help improve how many people will see it.


Pinterest is really less of a social place and more of a search and bookmarks function, but it’s still useful to pop your posts over there! Using graphics to grab people’s attention over there is a good idea – especially if you include the title of the post on the image.


This one might be more blog post specific, but if you’ve blogged about something that is relevant to your day job, degree or passion, then it may be worth sharing the post to your LinkedIn network. You can also post articles directly on LinkedIn if you wanted to write about something specific to work but not actually on your blog.

Reddit (and other online forums)

This one is going to be a bit more nuanced – sharing a relevant blog post can get a lot of traffic from a forum, but make sure it’s relevant because no one likes people who just drop links everywhere and you’ll soon find yourself banned!


Again, it’s another one that it only makes sense to include links to your relevant posts, rather than just chucking in links to any old post. All bloggers have their own thoughts on whether they like people leaving links to their sites in the comments, but if including a specific link will be beneficial, then there’s no reason not to do so!

Where have you found has worked best for your blog?

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