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Amy blogged about about a mac and cheese pop up restaurant which is making us feel SO hungry! Deep fried Oreos? That’s just crazy talk.






Only A Thrifty Mrs could put a face mask on, take photos being a zombie and still be cute. She posted about her cheap spa day at home using lots of products from Home Bargains (Who knew they sold so much good beauty stuff?)




Leona blogged this week about the 100 Happy Days project – take a photo of something that makes you happy, each day, for 100 (or more!) days. Simple, right? Perhaps not – the stats say 71% of people who start this project fail. Can you do better?




Lucy went on a sushi masterclass and found that it’s much easier to make than she thought! Have you ever tried to make sushi? (Check out this post on if you’re interested in finding out more)





On Trends With Benefits, there’s a super simple DIY that could be used to use up some broken bits of jewellery that you may have. This collar chain isn’t just thrifty, but cute too!






Gillian has created her own map of things to do in Edinburgh – how useful if you’re planning a trip there soon or if you’re a local who wants to find something different! (We’d love to see other maps like this for other cities around the UK!)




Harriet shows off a dress that’s easy to dress up or down – the perfect dress to wear for work because you can transform the look for after work drinks with just a few accessories





This post on Style Is… is a load of rubbish. That’s not us being mean! All the products featured in this post are made of recycled items that would otherwise have been thrown away.





Bee at Vivatramp posted about how she’s going to choose what to read next from her long list of books – by picking it out of a jar! We did a similar DIY to this to decide what to blog about next – you can see that post here.




On Bonjour, Blogger! this week, you may have missed… finding out about a new blogging platformlearning how to set the advertising for your banner adshaving a check list of things you might need to take to your next blogger meetupwhat you can get for $5finding some new Instagram accounts to follow

Todays Saturday Summary is a little late because we were busily holding our first #blogclub! We’ll be posting more about it in the week, but wanted to say thank you to the Viral Ad Network for kindly hosting it at their Bristol office. (Want to know more about VAN? You totally do! Check out this blog post from November for more info – it might be really useful for your blog too!)

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