What Can You Get For A Fiverr?

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Fiverr is a website where you can pay someone to do almost anything starting from $5 (£3)

Sounds a bit odd? Perhaps, but if you’re not that great at graphics’ for your blog, or are willing to pay for a biography to be written for your twitter page, then it is pretty awesome. (Oh, and don’t worry – Fiverr says “un cool stuff is strictly prohibited” – that includes adult material, copyrighted items and spam) From their current homepage, here are a few examples of items you can buy:

  • “I will create a custom and personalised rap song for any occasion”
  • “I will laser engrave your message on a piece of stone”
  • “I will make a penny necklace”
  • “I will write your message in an awesome way”
  • “I will design your wedding website”

The South West Bloggers group have used Fiverr to create their logos – they look pretty good, don’t they?



Caveat emptor, however – as with any time you’re paying someone else do to the work for you, there’s the risk that the quality isn’t what you expect. Although the logo for the South West Bloggers worked out well, we’ve seen some hilariously bad pieces of work from there.

What do you think – would you use this site?

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