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  1. I went through a period of reading the GOMI (getoffmyinternets) forums last year, but it quickly dawned on me that it was full of bullies; I reckoned that if everyone notching on there used their energy to say just one nice thing instead, they’d all be a lot happier. I deleted the bookmark, never went back, and found more positive things to read.

  2. I really try to avoid this! Reading blogs is meant to be a happy and inspiring activity for me, and I look forward to catching up on them. They are like a tranquil spot on the internet where I can stop thinking about anything else that’s bothering me for a while and just look at/read nice things. There have been a couple where I realised I wasn’t enjoying reading them and was getting a bit too critical of them, so I just stopped looking at them. Being bitchy isn’t going to actually change the person’s writing style/use of advertising/photos/whatever and will just make me feel irritable, so I might as well just leave them alone!

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