Bloglovin’ Becomes Activate – What Does This Mean?

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Bloglovin’ announced yesterday (April 12th) that they are rebranding themselves as Activate – but what does this mean for users?

Bloglovin’ was created in 2007 as a blog reading website (using the RSS feed from a blog to bring in new posts for users to catch up on) In July 2015, they started to build their own influencer network and in Feb 2016, they purchased an influencer company called Sverve to boost the network further, which was merged with their own systems in March 2016.

Bloglovin found that they were doing more to work with influencers, and so chose to rebrand as Activate, an influencer marketing agency. They have stated in their emails that the features why we love Bloglovin will stay, so you’ll still be able to follow your favourite blogs. They’ve also named a new CEO for Activate, Kamiu Lee, who was previously employed by the company as the vice president of strategy and business development. Kamiu has written a post about the change which can be found on the company blog which goes into a bit more detail about why they’ve chosen to rebrand at this time.

Activate can be found at, while the Bloglovin’ feed reader can still be found at

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