5 Monthly Reminders

Bonjour, Blogger! 5 Monthly Reminders
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While the start of a new year is a great chance to make a big change (or a few of them!), the start of a new month is a good reminder to tidy up a few things and make notes for the month ahead. Some of these tasks are just general house keeping, and some will make it easier for you to

Check out your site

Most bloggers will go straight to their dashboard to write a post, and then publish it without actually looking at the live view. Or they’ll preview the post on the site, but they won’t check out their home page. It’s a good idea just to check over the site every so often to make sure everything is still looking as it should

Update your site

Not such a problem for those of you on Blogger, but if you’re a WordPress user then you’ll want to make sure that your plugins are all up to date, and that any you’re not using are disabled or deleted.

Review old posts

It won’t apply for all of your posts, of course, but take a quick look over the ones you’ve done and make any necessary updates – for example, if you’ve affiliate linked to some items, but the retailer has since changed which affiliate provider they use, then you might want to update those links.

Update your statistics

You probably have a media kit to send out to PR people, or you might just like to keep track of your stats – updating a spreadsheet every month will make it much easier when someone asks for for your current stats

Take a look at your social media profiles

Finally, check your social media profiles to make sure they’re up to date and not saying anything that’s referring to stuff that happened 3 months ago. From having a festive display name, to mentioning your pregnancy, or even just mentioning that you’re doing something on a certain date – just take a peek at your bio to make sure it makes sense!

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