Planoly Introduces Auto Posting

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What could make Planoly even better? Auto posting! It’s super simple to set up as well – spending a few minutes to do this will save you so much time!

First up, your Instagram account needs to be a business account – find out how to switch over to a business Instagram in this post\

On desktop, go to your profile and click the auto post button next to your Instagram profile, and allow Planoly to access your Facebook account.

Any items scheduled before you set this up will need to be resaved so they can post automatically, or you can carry on doing them manually as you have been.

You’ll know a post is scheduled to post automatically as in the app, it will say “Auto Post” next to it on the calendar view, and on desktop, the image will have the following icon in the top left corner:

It’s just for autoposting photos at the moment, but that’s still really useful to keep your Instagram account running while you do more important things (like leaving comments on other peoples images!). Combine this with natively posting Instagram images to Twitter for even better social sharing!

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