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Vanessa from Nightmares and Boners wrote an article on her side blog about learning to love her body. It’s a fantastic read –  sit down with a cup of tea and read how she realised that her body is amazing (as is yours!)

Have you seen the new Nails Inc manicure? Safira over at Miss Stylicious shows off the monogram manicure – what would you have written on your digits?




Every September, people get very excited about the start of a new school year and of course, Hogwarts is talked about as one of the most famous fictional schools. If you’ve not been on the HArry Potter Tour yet, you might want to avoid this post if you want to be surprised, but we loved Cathy’s post about the tour – so many amazing photos!



We’re finally seeing some cooler weather in the UK (hooray!) which means it’s time to get excited about all the yummy food that makes you think of autumn and winter. Lauren J shows us a simple recipe for courgette and bacon soup – sounds delicious!



We love seeing wishlists, especially from brands that we’ve not come across before, and Kristabel’s post about Avenue 32 is making us crave a new AW wardrobe!



One of Being Erica’s guest posters, Ally from Now That’s Pretty, showed a gorgeous (and easy!) craft using Ikea espresso cups. Time for a trip to the big blue box anyone? (Who can resist the meatballs?)



What have you enjoyed reading this week? We’d love to see your links!

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