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  1. Hi Hayley, thanks for the great post! As Typepad’s Community Manager, I’d just like to say hello, and welcome any of your readers to sign up for Typepad using this code, which they can place in the referral code field during the sign up process – it’s good for 15% off for the lifetime of the account, and will also allow them to bypass the credit card requirement! They’ll just need to remember to add a credit card to their accounts before the trial period expires if they want to continue:


    I also wanted to mention that while our expert blog design service which you’ve linked to does come with a small fee, Typepad support is actually included in your monthly fee at no additional cost, which makes Typepad one of the best values amongst all the blogging platforms – our dedicated, experienced Community and Support team is there to answer questions and help with blog design and performance, and even provide code and do things for you if you get stuck – and there’s never an additional cost requirement.

    Thanks again for your post, and let us know if you have any questions – I’m always around to help!

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