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One way to make your blog stand out from the rest is to have a personalised header image that will help people to remember your blog!

We’ve rounded up five of our favourite illustrators to share with you, that will hopefully inspire you!


First up is Emma at Mab Creates. We love her graphic style – especially this countdown banner for a charity shave!


Next is Natasha from The Secret Tea Party – we love her style, so beautifully pastel-y! (here’s a link to her Etsy item where you can buy a blog header and see a few more examples of her work)


We’ve admired Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn’s style for a long time now, and you can head over to her Etsy to get a blog header made by her if you like her style! (You should check out the rest of her Etsy store as well, as she makes clothing and jewellery as well!)


We keep seeing Paige Joanna’s illustrations all over our favourite blogs, and for a good reason, because they’re gorgeous! We can’t show them all here, but head over to her blog banners page to check them out.


Finally, Sarah at essbeevee isn’t just one of our favourite bloggers ever, but she’s also very talented – have you seen her layout? She drew all those little ladies wearing her favourite dresses and hairstyles and is available for commissions (You might recognise the ladies above as Alex from Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks and Maria from Frills ‘n’ Spills!)

So…are you thinking of getting something commissioned? While it can be costly to have a custom image created for you, it is worth it to have a unique image of yourself to use on blog business cards and any other places where you would want to brand.

(All images used copyright their respective creators – links below each one.)

  • Nortonmum

    They are all lovely examples of illustration, bloggers often ask for recommendations. Mine was by the amazing Helen @EllieAllAtSea.

    August 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm Reply

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