Do You Need Two Accounts?

Bonjour, Blogger! Do You Need Two Accounts?
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When you start a blog, people will recommend that you create separate social media accounts to break apart the blog from your personal side. But is it really necessary?

Spoiler alert – it’s up to you and it totally depends on a lot of things!

If you’re already a Twitter user, then you’ll want to decide whether you want to keep your personal account to yourself, and then have a separate account to tweet out links to your blog as well as taking part in hashtag chats without annoying your non-blog followers.

It also depends on what sort of blog you have. For a personal blog, then it might make sense for you to keep the blog stuff with your personal account, but if you have a group blog or it’s more of a magazine style blog, then you might want to keep it separate.

One thing to take into consideration is whether you have time to run two accounts. We’ve got some tips for you on that, including how to make tweeting old posts super easy!

Is two better than one?

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