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A slightly different post from us today, but it’s possibly one of the most important you’ll read today (we hope!)

Give and Make Up is an organisation founded by Caroline Hirons who organise the distribution of new and barely used toiletries and makeup to domestic abuse charities. The idea came about after a blog post that she was putting together about what her essential products were back in 2010. She ended up on this page on the Refuge website which talks about the sort of things that a woman planning to leave her partner should think about taking.

Give and Make Up collects the toiletries and makeup and sends it to Refuge and Women’s Aid who protect the lives of thousands of women and children every day. They’re a non-profit organisation that doesn’t ask for monetary donations, just for items that you don’t need anymore so that someone else that could use them more will get them.

The sort of things that Give and Make Up would like from you include the everyday basics like shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, etc (which are always going to be useful!) and makeup (which can help to give someone a little boost in their confidence at a time that they really need it) – there’s a full list of what to send over on the Give and Make Up website

The reason that we’re talking about Give and Make Up is because Christmas is traditionally a time that you will probably receive a gift set or two that isn’t something that you’ll use. Instead of leaving it to get dusty in your bathroom cabinet, send it to someone who need it more. If you’re a beauty blogger, this could be the perfect chance for you to clear out your stash of products that you’ve been sent. Do you really need 10 red lipsticks that you’ve only swatched once? Do you have a collection of foundations that aren’t the right shade for you? Did you get a gift with a purchase of a makeup set that’s just not the right colour for you? If you would give it to a friend, then Give and Make Up would like to take it from you (but they can’t accept used items that have a wand applicator like mascara for hygiene reasons)

You can find a current list of where to send your products here on the Give and Make Up website. Please do consider donating – it’s not just good for you to declutter, but you’ll really be helping someone make a change in their life. That’s a pretty good way to end a year, right?

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